Nautical Center Liburnija

The Nautical Center Liburnija is located in the Pušća Business zone, Omišalj, island of Krk.


We started our dry marina operations in 2014. We specialize in caring for your boat on a turnkey basis.


The high quality of the services provided and the optimum conditions for repair and storage of your boat are contributed by our own team, as well as our cooperators' team authorized for individual repair and maintenance areas.


At your disposal, our dry marina has a closed hall with a total space of 2500 m2 (110 boats capacity). Additionaly, we have 3000 m2 of yard space. Boats are stored on uniform boat stands or owner's trailers. The marina is fenced off, insured and under video surveillance. Distance to the harbor where lifting/lowering of boats is carried is about 2.5km.


Along with the marina and boat service and maintenance, we also rent boats and sell used boats.

In addition to continuous following of nautical trends, we aim to set new ones and therefore we invest our efforts into providing a broad selection of services and products in a single place. All this was a requirement to make us a long-term partner who can ensure that you can always reach your boat quickly and easily, and sail it safely and without worries.

Protect your investment – the halls of the dry marina allow reliable and safe storage of your vessel in a fenced-off and closed space. Vessels in the hall are protected from weather, thereby directly reducing maintenance costs, while the vessel's value and beauty remain intact.

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